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How to Schedule and Organize a Class

First, contact us for available dates, we need at least an 8 weeks notice to make the proper arrangements with CA State Fire Training.

Number of Students:

  • We have a limit of 25 students per class, 15 to 20 students is optimal, we want every student to get individual assistance so that they leave the class with a sound understanding of all the material presented.

  • Confirmation of student registration is critical so that we can plan for a good student/instructor ratio.

  • We recommend deposits.

  • We recommend a wait list to cover those who drop out.

  • Agencies that “call-back” staffing resulting in no-shows will be charged a 50% fee unless those seats can be filled from the wait list.
  • Costs:

    As of January 2008 the Calfornia State Fire Marshal Training has increased its certification fees 400%, unfortunately with this increase and rising fuel costs and motel costs, we are forced to raise fees.
  • Fees are now at $300 per student for the two day class plus student manual and certification, effective April 2015.
  • Extra costs may be assessed for travel greater than 100 miles. Contact us to negotiate.
  • Make checks out to "Large Animal Rescue Company".

To hold a class, we need the following;

    Day one
    • Classroom setting with desks, chairs, white board, ability to block light from windows, power for a projector and computer, preferably on the ground floor
    • Space for two life-size demo horses near the front of the room, one standing, one recumbent
    • Space for extra table for props, visual material
    • Immediate access to additional area for hands-on stations
      • Space, inside or out, to roll and manipulate 4 life-size manikins during manipulative skills.
      • Space, inside or out, for a truck and horse trailer
    Day two
    • Access to areas to stage scenario training, these should include:
      • An area to roll a small horse trailer in its side
      • An area to conduct various "over the side" and entrapment extrication exercises
      • An area (trees, structure, or tractor) to conduct a vertical lift with a 500 pound manikin

    To attend a class

    Contact the "contact" person listed on the class schedual page or you can contact us and we will direct you to the appropriate person or, check out the class listing for California State Fire Training at http://

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