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Jump Bag or First-In Bag

After many year of doing rescues we have developed what we call a “Jump Bag” or “First-In Bag” that has enough equipment to perform simple rescues, minor treatments of injuries, and most importantly, stabilize the situation until the full complement of equipment and rescuers can get to the scene.

Upon arrival at the scene of a rescue, the first two rescuers grab the bag, approach the animal, size up the situation, order equipment, and then, stabilize the situation.

The jump bag is a backpack, because we may have to hike for a considerable distance to access the animal.

The bag consists of the following equipment:

A Rescue Strap - either 18 feet or 12 feet
A vertical lift strap - 2" or 3", two-ply webbing, 60 feet long
1" webbing - 25' Black (2 pieces), 15' Blue (2 pieces), 5' Green (2 pieces)
½" rope – three 30 feet long, one 50 to 75 feet long
Carabineers – large D, six
Pulleys – ½", single, four
Gathering Ring – one
Prusiks Loop sets – two
Tape – Duct, small roll
Bailing twine – two or three lengths

Keep the following in zip-lock bags to keep them dry:

Towel – at least one, small
Vet Wrap – 3”, two rolls
Gauze pads – Sterile, 4"x 4", six to eight
Gauze pads - non-sterile, tall stack
Gauze – Brown, non sterile, two rolls

Equipment sources include:

Charles Anderson, CDA Products, 707-743-1300
CDA products include the Anderson Sling, Rescue Strap, Flex Guide and the Large Animal Lifter (LAL)

Charles invented the Anderson Sling, the only sling approved for helicopter lifts, he also supplies rescue straps, hooks to apply the strap with, and our favorite tool, the Rescue Glide. The Rescue Glide or Animal Backboard, is a backboard for large animals, roll or slide the animal onto it and its low friction surface along with the slip sheets allows it to glide easily over terrain.
A Flex Guide, a 10 foot long flexable plastic strip the can be pushed under an animal to place

Recommended ground rescue equipment includes:


  • At least two rescue straps, 2-ply web, 4” x 18 feet long with large (10 to 12 inch) flat loops on each end. We recomend also having a third strap about 12 feet long for smaller animals.


  • 1” web, several lengths 20’ to 25’ long, also several shorter lenghts 6, 10, and 15 feet

Rescue Glide

  • With slip sheet (preferably two or more slip sheets)
  • With two lengths of 2" web (single ply) 35' feet long eachli>

Head Protectors

  • Shanks Veterinary Supply
  • Also, just get a saddle blanket such as a Toklat “cool-back”. Sometimes, it’s not possible to get a head protector on, but when the horse thrashes up, you might be able to throw a blanket under the head.


  • Portable 1000 or 2000 watt, we prefer the Honda for weight and quiet operation


  • 2 X 300 watt, extension cords (25’ and 50’)

Rope Systems

  • Pre-constructed 4:1, 3:1 and 2:1 systems made with 5/8th inch rope, heavy duty carabiners, gathering plates, prusiks (Tandem)
  • Anchor/haul rope (200-300 feet) (preferably two ropes)
  • Several lengths of softer, flexible rope (25 – 30 feet)
  • 2 or 3 lengths of soft kernmantle rope (25 feet long) to be used for long lead lines
  • 6 lengths of web (2” wide, 8 – 12 feet long with flat loops on each end, “cargo straps”), these are used to wrap anchors to connect rope systems, also used for trailer upright, and lower
  • We recomend several additional pullies (4), carabiners (10), and tandum prusil sets (6)
  • Throw line

Telescopic boat hook

  • Or pike pole, or snake tongs, or “grabbers” (Local animal control might give help finding these)


  • Earplugs (stuff nylon stockings with cotton balls), blind fold (fly mask with towel insert), hobbles (preferably with quick release), various halters, vet lubricant, stethoscope for taking vitals, medical gloves, first aid bandages, vet wrap, blankets, saddle blankets

Medical bag

  • Oxygen, stethoscope, bandages, tape, vet wrap, BP cuff. Include medical supplies for the animal and the rescures.

Equipment for trailer manipulation

  • Four 2” webbing, 25 feet long with flat loops on each end
  • Rescue 8 heavy-duty friction device or a brake rack

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